Home of the Leopard 

Sri Lanka is globally recognized as a biodiversity hotspot due to the abundance of magnificent species that are present in the country. The key highlights among the most celebrated species in the country are the Asian Elephant, Sloth Bear and the magnificent Sri Lankan Leopard

The Sri Lankan Leopard which is the largest leopard found in Asia is a sub species of the Indian Leopard and is endemic to the country.  With its piercing stare and beautiful markings, it is known to be one of the most photogenic species found anywhere in the world. Leopards are found in almost all of the national parks in Sri Lanka with Yala National Park providing refuge to the largest population.






Due to their elusive nature, a sighting of a Sri Lankan leopard is most often a challenge. However, the try factor of experience, patience and luck allows hundreds of visitors every year to get a truly memorable sighting of this creature in Sri Lanka.  



"This Is the Best Safari Destination Outside of Africa"
Forbes (2019)




Leopard safari camps Sri Lanka

A leopard safari in Sri Lanka is spectacular and our leopard safari camps are designed to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Our leopard safari camps come in three categories so you can choose an option that best suits your budget.

All of our tented leopard safari camps are set up prior to your arrival and dismantled once you leave, following pack in pack our principles and are located on the boundaries of national parks, in a wilderness setting.

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 A Leopard Safari in Sri Lanka is a must for anyone embarking on a journey to the country.

In addition to spotting Sri Lankan leopards, one has the opportunity to also experience the wonder of an incredible array of

birdlife, mammals, reptiles and amphibians as well as floral diversity during the safari.

The best Safaris begin early morning or early evening and last a few hours.


If witnessing a beautiful leopard is in your bucket list,

a Leopard Safari in Sri Lanka is probably the place to start. 






The King of the Terrain 

Leopards hold the formidable position of being the top predator in most terrestrial habitats in Sri Lanka. While a large number of national parks in the country are home to the Sri Lankan leopard, Yala and Wilpattu are considered to maintain to largest populations of the species. The open terrain that is habituated with grasslands and scrub jungle makes it an ideal home for leopards.