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About Leopard Safari Sri Lanka

Often visited for its incredible wildlife, Sri Lanka is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. Sri Lankan Elephants, Sloth Bears and birdlife though impressive, scarcely compare to the experience of being on a leopard safari sri lanka and if you are really interested in spotting a leopard on safari then your best chance is very probably here. The Sri Lankan Leopard is a recognized subspecies of the Indian Leopard and is the largest leopard found in Asia. It is also endemic to the island. Many tourists from all visit the island annually and go on a leopard safari, sometimes spending many days inside national parks in order to increase their chances of a sighting.

Leopards by nature are elusive and tend to stay away from human interaction, thus spotting one on a safari can be a daunting task. Many if not all national parks do harbor some population of leopards, and sighting is occasionally recorded but at Yala, a leopard safari holds the highest chance of success. Along with its many other attractions, such as prolific birdlife, endemic and non endemic plants and animals, the leopard population density at Yala is as high as one leopard per square kilometer in Block I, making it the highest in the world. It is sometimes noted that leopard safari jeeps no longer are a cause for concern to young males in particular and they appear unafraid of them, similar to tigers in national parks in India. With your expert naturalist, a keen eye, a bit of patience and a pinch of luck you will likely have a memorable and exciting leopard safari.

The best time for a leopard safari early morning and early evening as animals often retreat deep into the jungles during the afternoon heat. Heavy rains must be avoided too as during rains leopards avoid water pools and roadsides, creating less of a chance of seeing one.

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