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Experience a leopard safari at any one of out leopard safari camps sri lanka

A leopard safari in Sri Lanka is spectacular and our leopard safari camps are designed to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Our leopard safari camps come in three categories so you can choose an option that best suits your budget. All of our tented leopard safari camps are set up prior to your arrival and dismantled once you leave, following pack in pack our principles and are located on the boundaries of national parks, in a wilderness setting. By being this close to the park you are able to cut down on travel time and be the first inside and the last to leave. Walking and night safaris are also possible in and around the campsite. All campsites feature security, wait staff and a chef.

A leopard safari can be booked for one night and two days and can even extend up to four nights. During a short safari, leopards will be targeted specifically but if a longer safari is opted for you will have will be able to experience some of the other wildlife that these national parks are known for such as Sri Lankan elephants and Sri Lankan sloth bears, not forgetting Sri Lanka's prolific birdlife.

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Luxury Tented Leopard Safari Camps

Luxury tented leopard safari camps are an entirely different way of camping. These camps have every facility imaginable, from flushable toilets for five course meals. So you can have the experience of living in the wilderness with modern convenience by your side.

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