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Sri Lanka Wilderness Wilpattu National Park
4 Night /5 Days

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Tour Itinerary

Book a once in a lifetime experience in one of Sri Lanka’s best national parks, brought to you by Leopard Safaris, a pioneer tented safari camp provider in the island. Your adventure awaits.


Day 1 Schedule in brief:

  • You will arrive at the pre-arranged meeting point at 12:30 pm.
  • You will be driven to Leopard Safari campsite in a 4WD safari jeep.
  • Lunch will be served at the campsite.
  • An evening safari adventure in the Wilpattu National Park.
  • Return to the campsite.
  • Barbecue dinner will be served around a campfire.

Day 2,3 and Day 4 Schedule in Brief:

  • Early morning safari game drive
  • Breakfast will be had afterwards at the campsite
  • You can enjoy the late morning at the Leopard Safari Campsite
  • Lunch will be provided at the Leopard Safari Camp
  • Afternoon Safari Game Drive
  • Dinner will be had around the campfire

Day 5 Schedule in Brief:

  • Early morning safari game drive
  • Breakfast will be had afterwards at the campsite
  • Departure from the Leopard Safari

Day 1 – Arrival at Wilpattu campsite

Arrival at Wilpattu National Park, Entrance and Drive inside the Leopard Safari Campsite will be in a 4WD Safari Jeep.

The Leopard Safari Tented Safari Camping Experience

This is camping taken to the next level. The Leopard Safari Camp at Wilpattu is set up using mobile safari tents, a fully equipped kitchen, well-set dining areas, and a range of luxuries that add a touch of class – hammocks for relaxation, flushable toilets and showers for conveniences you will not find in a jungle, and even cold beer, when you want to wind down on hot days. We will also provide you freshly laundered towels, raincoats, and casual slippers as a part of our package. All food is prepared using fresh ingredients onsite in a tented kitchen which comes equipped with cooler and freezer facilities.

Leopard Safari guests are ensured a star class dining experiences, as our menus are specially prepared and designed to give you maximum enjoyment. Watch out for our signature dishes that promise that little bit extra. Evenings are casual with a hearty barbecue meal in the silent wilderness. We have added a level of sophistication to the campsite using traditional flame torches and a roaring campfire to illuminate the area. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the luxuries while our experienced staff caters to your every need. We at Leopard Safari believe that this helps you savour the Sri Lankan wilderness.

Leopard safari at Wilpattu national park - clients on safari jeep


Evening Safari at Wilpattu National Park – a Wild Experience

Wilpattu National Park is, by area, the largest national park in Sri Lanka. It covers an area that contains an eclectic range of types of forest. It is considered the oldest national park in Sri Lanka, and thus has a rich heritage. The main attraction of Wilpattu National Park – Wild Leopards – brings many travellers to its borders from across the globe.

Although it is unknown exactly how many Sri Lankan leopards roam the Wilpattu National Park, it is one of the best wildlife safari destinations in which these majestic big cats can be seen. Leopards are not the only large carnivore in the national park. The shy and endangered Sri Lankan Sloth Bear – a subspecies of the Asiatic Sloth Bear that is only found in the island – thrives in the Wilpattu National Park.

Leopard Safari’s campsite is located very close to the park entrance; this makes it possible for us to take you to the core areas of the national park before anyone else. We make sure of this in order to give you the best wildlife experience. We have also cut down on the long travel time to the park entrance and the long queue for permits. You will get to enjoy the safari for the maximum possible duration, as we stay in the national park until the last minute. The ride to and from the park entrance resembles a mini-safari experience as well.

Wilpattu National Park is home to over 30 recorded species of mammals of all sizes. Sri Lankan Elephants and spotted deer, as well as several species of primate can be seen. Wetlands in the national park attract many water birds such as the Pin tail, the Whistling Teal Spoonbill, and the White Ibis.

Back at the Campsite

The Leopard Safari Wilpattu campsite at dusk is a magical sight. Lit by torches, we make every effort to ensure that you will have a chance to wind down after a long safari and relax under a canopy of a million stars.

Dinner and Overnight Stay at Leopard Safari Campsite

We ensure that meal times in the campsite are special experiences. You will get a chance to dine in a unique setting. For example, we might set up lunch under the trees, and dinner overlooking the park, surrounded by lanterns. The special barbecue dinner will be made extra special as we provide a great ambience.

Your overnight stay will be a special experience, as you lie down in a comfortable bed, with fresh linen and all basic amenities provided.

 clients having dinner after a leopard safari at Wilpattu national park


Day 2,3 and Day 4 – Your safari adventure continues

A morning safari is the best opportunity to enjoy the wilderness from a totally different perspective to the one you had in the evening. Although most of the animals you saw in the evening might still be active, you might get to see a wide range of mammalian, bird, and insect life come alive in the morning. Our morning safaris commence as early as 6:00 am, enabling you to have the best experience possible. On your return to the campsite after a three-hour safari, you will be greeted by a sumptuous breakfast spread expertly prepared by our chefs.

The late morning hours on this day can be spent at the campsite enjoying Mother Nature in its element. You may opt for a well-earned rest on a hammock in a shady area, reading a book or dozing off. You may also go for a walkabout in the campsite to see the experiences that the area provides – the chirping of birds, the silence of the forest, or the langurs swinging from branch to branch on a great Kumbuk tree. For children, Leopard Safari offers activities that keep them entertained, from card games to painting. They too will enjoy the beauty of nature and the wilderness this way.

After a scrumptious lunch prepared by our chefs, the afternoon safari begins at 3:30pm. This safari lasts till dusk, and you will return to the campsite in time to relax around a roaring campfire, after which you will be invited to enjoy a great dinner in a location that we have selected especially for you.

Leopards at Wilpattu national park Sri Lanka


Day 5 – Departure from Leoaprd Safari - Wilpattu National Park

The third and final day of your tour can be customised to suit your needs. You may wish to take another early morning safari to capture anything you might have missed out on the day before. Following the safari, you will return to the Leopard Safari campsite to partake in a hearty breakfast prepared on-site by our expert chefs. The breakfast will include an array of local and continental dishes. After breakfast, your tour with Leopard Safari will end, and you will depart.

This is the end of the tour.

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What We Offer

  • Tented Accommodation with raised beds with fresh bed linen, a bedside table, and basic amenities.
  • The tents are fully sealed, with nets for ventilation.
  • The tents are equipped with en-suite toilets with pipe-borne hot and cold water, wash basin, and a shower area.
  • Safari Jeeps with comfortable and elevated front-facing seats are provided for optimum game viewing and opportunities for some great photography.
  • Chilled or hot beverages and light snacks are provided during the wilderness safaris at no additional cost.
  • We provide a naturalist for each group of guests (In case there is more than one jeep in the group, he/she will take turns in all jeeps during the safari tour)
  • Safari Jeeps are shared
  • Barbecue dinner will be provided for one night.
  • A basic a-la-carte menu is available for extra food.
  • We will provide a limited quantity of beer at no extra cost.




Our Rates Include

  • Safaris at Wilpattu National Park, including transport from the entrance of the park to the campsite and back to the entrance in a non-air-conditioned open 4WD vehicle
  • Entrance fees to the parks 
  • Wildlife Department service charge for trackers
  • Services of a well-trained Leopard Safari Team Leader or Naturalist
  • Accommodation in fully serviced movable tents with meals, on full board basis at national parks from lunch on day 1 to breakfast on day 4
  • All government taxes




Our Rates Do Not Include

  • Transportation to and from the park entrance
  • Any additional beverages or food that would be ordered extra
  • Any tips to the staff
  • Any personal effects not mentioned here




Important Factors

  • Personal effects for warm / windy / rainy conditions should be carried by clients
  • It is recommended that you bring your own insect repellents, sun protection products etc.
  • Any special dietary requirements should be notified well in advance.

Payment Policy: Full Payment upon confirmation

Cancellation Policy:

  • 90 days or more                    – US$ 200 Administrative Fee
  • 60 days to 89 days                – 15% of the tour cost will be charged
  • 30 days to 59 days                – 25% of the tour cost will be charged
  • 14 days to 29 days                – 50% of the tour cost will be charged
  • 8 days to 13 days                  – 75% of the tour cost will be charged
  • Less than 7 days                  – No refunds will be provided

* Days will be counted back from 6:00 am on the start day of the tour

The descriptions and programmes mentioned in this document have been compiled after long, arduous, exploratory, and expensive work and are hence the property of Leopard Safaris. Using these programmes / descriptions for any public or commercial use requires the written permission of the said company.