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Leopard Safari Sri Lanka


Often visited for its incredible wildlife, Sri Lanka is a popular destination
for nature enthusiasts. Sri Lankan Elephants, Sloth Bears and birdlife
though impressive, scarcely compare to the experience of being
on a leopard safari sri lanka and if you are really interested in spotting
a leopard on safari then your best chance is very probably here.

The Sri Lankan Leopard is a recognized subspecies of the Indian Leopard
and is the largest leopard found in Asia. It is also endemic to the island.
Many tourists from all visit the island annually and go on a leopard safari,
sometimes spending many days inside national parks in order to
increase their chances of a sighting.
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Leopard Safari Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the best location in the world for a leopard safari.
The population density is as high as one leopard per square kilometer in Block 1,
which is where you will likely go on your leopard safari. These fantastic animals,
which are the largest leopards in Asia and are endemic to the island,
can be observed on a leopard safari in the early morning or at dusk.
It is estimated that there are between 300-350 leopards at Yala National Park.
Many days can be spent on a leopard safari here.

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Leopard Safari Itineraries


Leopard Safari Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park was one of the first national parks to open in Sri Lanka.
It has an interesting history and is significantly larger than Yala National Park
providing more ground to cover on a leopard safari.
Due to the extent of the park spotting a leopard is harder,
but the experience is exciting in other ways and you can really bring out
your inner intrepid explorer as you follow hot on the trail of this jungle cat.

The exact number of leopards at Wilpattu is presently unknown
but they are generally spotted alongside the park's villas or water basins
that can be found in abundance and lend the park its name.
Due to its extensive acreage Wilpattu is better suited to longer stays
and due to its proximity to both Anuradhapura and Kalpitiya,
a leopard safari at Wilpattu can easily be done in conjunction
with whale and dolphin watching or a historical tour.

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